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New Moon Women’s Circle - Lunar Wisdom

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We are excited to invite you to our upcoming November New Moon Women's Circle, this gathering is all about learning about and connecting to the moon cycles and our own cyclical self.

We will come together to craft our own unique moon cycle bracelets, infusing them with our personal intentions and energies. These bracelets will serve as one of our sacred tools, helping tune into what our bodies and discover how we are impacted by the rhythm of the moon.

This Women's Circle is a supportive environment, welcoming Women on all stages of their spiritual journey.


Date: November 12th

Time: 7-9 pm

Location: Blooming into Your Sanctuary

Cost: $30 plus GST

What to Bring:

Your open heart and a willingness to connect and share. 


Spaces are limited because we want to keep this gathering intimate and magical. Make sure to sign up ASAP to secure your spot, and we can make the necessary arrangements for materials and seating. Click here to sign up: Blooming Into You 

What's on the agenda:

Intention Setting: Set intentions for the emotionally intense Scorpio New Moon that encourages emotional growth, healing, and renewed intimacy while asking us to release the past and explore life's mysteries.

Learn About Moon Cycles: Explore the significance of the moon's phases and how they influence our lives and emotions.

Bracelet Making: Get creative as we make moon cycle bracelets together, which will serve as our beautiful lunar companions that help us connect more to our cyclical self and rhythms of our own bodies. 

Sharing and Connection: Enjoy heartfelt conversations, share experiences, and build a deeper connection with like-minded women.

Meditation and Ritual: Conclude our gathering with a guided meditation and ritual to align our energies with the new moon's energy and bless our moon bracelets.